Top Browser Versions of Old Arcade Games

If you are itching for some good old school retro-style arcade gaming, here are several browser based games you might want to try out. The cool thing is that they all pretty much play like the original games, with a few tweaks here and there; so there is really not much need for trying to figure out how to play. Add in the fact that these are all fully accessible from any computer and you have the perfect list of classic coin-op games.

Neave - Space Invaders

Space Invaders

Originally released by Taito, this flash game adaptation is quite faithful to the original -with a little bit of stylized fonts and colors added in. The graphics of the game itself stay true to the old pixel style aliens and player turret -which is a great thing since some browser ports of Arcade game drop the edgy pixel-style for the more smooth-curved vector images (they are all vectors technically, but the ones that go the extra length to stay true to the original look gets extra brownie points) and Neave Space Invaders proves to be one of them.

Neave - Pac-Man


This Pac-Man flash game adaptation is more than just a port of the original Namco classic. Neave's Pac-Man features slightly different pellet configurations (smaller pellets, so there are a little bit more in the stage). And the ghosts are a whole lot faster. Better keep your fingers tapping fast as this game is already plenty fast from the third stage onwards. We love the fact that the classic intro music and sound effects were used for Pac Man Online, but the jump from clean cut vectors from pixel graphics makes us miss the original so much more.

Nils/Taito - Puzzle Bobble

Puzzle Bobble

Puzzle Bobble is still one of our favorite match games ever made, and this one is not about finger swiping colored stuff, this is about shooting colored gems into each other. The game takes plenty of skill and dexterity to master, as well as pretty fast thinking skills in order to cope with the constantly descending gems. This Taito port is a completely loyal browser adaptation of the original game and features all the important animations, backgrounds, gameplay mechanics, and even the sounds are back. Of course, one could not ask for more when Taito themselves have given this Puzzle Bobble Online port their complete approval.

Free Online Games - Bubble Bobble

While this one is not from Taito, the folks at Free Online Games managed to recreate the classic look and feel of the action platformer Bubble Bobble in your browser. The music is very close to the original chiptunes style 8-bit sounds of yesteryear while the graphics look pretty much identical to the original game. The pace of the game is a whole lot faster and smoother, so some of you used to the original game may find this a little bit on the turbo side of things. So far, it seems that all the various stages and enemy variants have been included in the Bubble Bobble port which makes this a very loyal adaptation of the original game. And for those of you wondering, yes, that is the same green dino from Puzzle Bobble.

Robbs Games - Burger Time

Burger Time

Burger Time may sound like a time management game, but it is not. This is actually an arcade classic game of chase with a very surreal giant-burger-assembly theme going on. Most folks who played in the arcades back then would recognize the gameplay mechanics easily though: walk over the giant burger parts throughout the stage to finish it; kinda like Pac-Man, and just as hard to fully describe. One is a yellow circle eating pellets while being chased by ghosts, while this one is a chef trying to step on ingredients to form 4 giant burgers (quite the contrast to new age games like Fliplines Papas Burgeria) while being chased by garnishes; whether it's Burger Time or any other classic style eighties gaming, how we miss their humble and entertaining nature.

Gogo - Metal Slug Lookalike

Metal Slug Lookalike

Our last entry is not actually a browser port of an arcade game, but more of a browser-homage of an arcade game. The coin-op title in question is the iconic SNK side scrolling shooter, Metal Slug. Gogo's all-Chinese adaptation of the game features three difficulty modes and plenty of content taken straight from Metal Slug; except this one is all in flash, the graphics are a lot less detailed, and everything else, from game mechanics to animation frames have been taken from the main game. It's a good browser game to play every now and then, but it is unlikely to curb any real hunger for a game of Metal Slug.